Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The tragedy of Barney

Originally published 8/3/06 on the old blog.

I know an Australian shepherd named Casey who destroys stuffed Barneys on sight. It's downright creepy and he's very methodical: first he rips out their eyes, then he eviscerates them by detaching the tummy panel from the rest of the doll, and then he pulls out all the stuffing.
This morning I read about Barney the Dobermann, a guard dog employed at Wookey Hole Caves (evidently a children's museum - god love the British). It seems he has a bit of a complex about his cuddly stuffed dinosaur name or something, because while ostensibly protecting an exhibit of famous and rare teddy bears, he went on a rampage and mauled much of the collection to smithereens.
Barney and his handler, security guard Greg West, at the scene of the crime
Methinks if your trained guard dog normally enjoys stuffed animals as a healthy way to get out his aggressions, you shouldn't volunteer him for such a job...


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